Is This the Blog-O-Shere?

Hmmm, (looking around)…looks kinda cool in here.  Please be patient while I try to familiarize myself with this new environment.  (“What is a kitchen sink” and why would I want to show/hide it”, I think to myself). Hmmm, so at this point it is just a big empty room – blank slate kinda deal. Ohh the prospects. Ohh the rants, thoughts and possibilities.

I originally wanted to start a fitness blog and website for my small business but while I brainstormed on the content, I discovered that fitness was only a very small part of what is important to me and what I wanted to share with others.  Fitness, while very very important to a long, productive and painfree life is a very small chasm of becoming full and complete (in a grand universal sorta way .  If we get stuck, and trust me, I get stuck, we are nothing more than that little fuzzy hamster running on it’s squeeky little wheel while we pat our head, rub our bellies, chew gum and get the kids to their chosen sporting event…all simultaneously. 

SO, I have absolutely no idea what a widget is or how I would like to furnish this new environment I have just ventured into, and quite frankly the choices are a touch overwhelming, but I do believe that the journey we are all on is most important and it doesn’t really matter what color our couch is.  It is my hope that we can all hold hands and sing a hymn or two (just kidding, although I am sure we would do it if it lead to enlightenment the easy way) and stroll together down this hard, silly, painful, turbulent, trying and joyful path of wellness, health and peace. 



About concretecrissy

Self proclaimed francophile, lover of all things beautiful.

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