On Patience

For those of you that know me, you know that I can be on either side of the proverbial “fence” regarding patience, but as my new mantra “steady on” permeates throughout, I realize that I need to pick a side of the fence in which to reside.  We have all seen that impatient person in traffic or in the checkout line that is having a hard time keeping their patience in check and quite frankly, it’s ugly –except when it is me and then I have plenty of logical, rational reasons why my impatience is acceptable and why I am not as ugly as “that person”.  I am full of lots of advice for that person: just breathe, where’s your perspective…you know the deal…but what really entertains my thoughts is why, oh why, do we not act like that with other things, for example, the weather.  Do we see lots of people here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland pacing about, scowling, making obscene gestures with their hands held up to the sky because mother nature decided to hand us a muddy yard, gloomy sky and teases of spring strewn about our Jan, Feb and March? No. NO. You know why? BECAUSE MOTHER NATURE IS NOT A LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING. The energy we direct her way is not received, processed and acted upon.  Our actions do not bring about reactions. It’s beyond our control. Yep. I said it -the C word. It would be silly wouldn’t it? Makes you chuckle, eh? (Can you see where I am going with this?).

Watch me as I turn this corner: My life is full.  Full of the good, the bad and the ugly.  So I feel like I better get busy doing or die  (Yes that is a quote from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”). Both literally and figuratively -getting busy.  Getting  busy loving, helping, supporting, nourishing, praying, learning, accepting and most importantly of all practicing patience. Without patience, the loving, helping, supporting, nourishing, practicing, praying and learning are all exercises in futility, if at all.   AND when I fail to practice patience, I and sending out negativity, self will and lack of faith in hopes that someone or something will come along, acknowledge my angst and make it all go my way (hypothetically speaking, of course). And I really that grand?

To me, patience is surrender.  Surrendering to the fact that I can accept, acknowledge and set myself and my agenda aside and just breathe -in the moment.  Accept that it isn’t about me – I am a small speck on a blue earth in one of many many universi (chuckle). We are all here together, that we are all basically of the same organic matter, with the same realm of emotions and thoughts (except for Charlie Sheen that is) and we all are a part of one big “whole”.  Easier said than done. 

For those of you that know me, I am in the midst of a trying “matter”.  One where it is easy to react to someone else’s lack of patience (among other things -them not me) as well as my own and justify the hell out of it.  You see, I can be selective with my logic, rationale, selflessness, and PATIENCE because of the emotions I feel.  Because of my perceptions. Because it is black and white, right? Right?! ——————because I can’t control what others do to me, the people I love and each other then it’s ok to be selective.  It’s ok to love others to varying degrees, correct? Absolutely not. 

Steady on Crissy. Steady on silly humans. Steady on emotions.  We must love each other as if ourselves and for me I cannot do this without patience, surrender, acceptance  – consistently, and of course, hopping the fence.  What I ALWAYS fail to remember – always- is that you don’t need to understand or be able to rationalize someone’s actions to be able to love them.  To want for them what they don’t have and desperately need. 

Steady on…


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