Meditative Running

Running sucks…but then it doesn’t.  For me, the first three miles are the hardest.  I feel every twinge, pinch, twist, ache that happens as my blood begins to flow the way I believe it is meant to. Until, I gather my rythme, thoughts and frustrations all into one bundle and begin my synchronistic journey it seems more work that anyother task I perform in my day.  Then it happens…I breathe the fresh air, my thighs become engergized, my hamstrings awaken and I am off.  Off into my thoughts, my hopes, my frustrations.  My pace quickens, my heart beats, my lungs warm and I am free.  Free from those thoughts, hopes and frustrations, free from the sleep that my body resides in in the normal course of a day.  I shed all that is in my mind, all that is in my body and I am in the moment.  In the environment.  In my being.  It is a love for me that only compares to a gallop on a horse.  Sounds funny, the comparison.  It’s true.  There is nothing like the feeling of flying, freedom.  rhythmic footsteps, fresh air on your face, negative energies departing.  reinvigorating.  Adjusting.  Reconnecting.  Alone but among many things. 

Running is wonderful, difficult and cathartic.  I have run all distances from short sprints to marathons.  They all bring about different challenges and awakenings.  They all have their cyclical twinges, climaxes and cool downs, just different.  The obstacles you face running a marathon are different from running a 10k but I believe the all lead to a heightened sense of awareness of our environment and the relationship we have with ourselves.  Discipline, acceptance, surrender.  Continuously. 


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