On Writing

One of the things on my bucketlist is to write a children’s book.  When I type it for everyone to see, it seems a little embarrassing, but ’tis true.  I have taken college classes on writing and children’s literature.  I have brainstormed thousands of scenarios and characters in my mind.  I have even turned my family members into children’s characters from time to time (this was very very entertaining, btw). What is most enthralling about this prospect is the wonder and excitement I felt as a child when I read a new book for the first time (now, when I watch my children read a new book I can actually see how they are feeling at that very moment, there emotions are actually something tangible -almost).  I can totally remember this when I was a child: the smell of the pages, the youthful pureness of the stiff new pages, the way the pages feel between your fingers, but most of all how enthralling the stories can be.  I believe we maintain youth by delving into our creativity.  I can think of nothing better than making a child smile.


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Self proclaimed francophile, lover of all things beautiful.

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