Radiation Poisoning

With the terror in Japan unfolding before my eyes, I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to our people aka Japan’s people.  I have no reference point regarding nuclear fallout, I am fortunate, but there are some that are not as fortunate.  As a resultI began thinking about Chernobyl and the people from that area of the Ukraine. My husband is Ukrainian.  My child is a decendant of that land.  What happened there is tragic and eerie and a human, environmental catastrophe.

 Although I have learned that Chernobyl was more catastrophic than Japan’s nuclear crisis potential (so the media tells us), I cannot and do not want to imagine the amount of suffering that will ensue from this crisis.  Science and technology has taught us that there will be collateral damage, the question is: to what degree. 

I do not want this to be true.  This is a child that was exposed to radiation from the Chernobyl meltdown. 


This is terrifying and saddening.


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  1. Thank you Anna. We found each other…:-) I am hopeful through all of the electronic formats in our world these days that we can all “find each other”. This picture is very very real in many ways. Hopefully we can all band together to help each other more as our communities are seeming to suffer more and more everyday. These are real. These people who are hurting are real. I wondered today how many of those people in Japan just want to crawl into the soft warm beds to comfort their sorrows, but have no bed. How the majority of their “material” things have been destroyed, doesn’t seem so bad, but what makes me sad is how they decorated their homes with love. The symbols of their memories are gone…sad. I look around my home and there are material things, but I so lovingly seek out items that are representative of myself. If those were gone, pieces of me would be washed away as well.



  2. This photo and your post filled my eyes with tears. Watching the news almost desensitizes the events of the world – even seeing the images on TV and thinking it’s TV… something not really real sometimes. This image you posted has a REAL home hitting deep sadness to it. This boy … this poor boy … how he suffers … can be seen in his face more so than the obvious. It’s time to pray people. Thank you for finding me as I have now found you. Many blessings…. Sincerely Anna


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