To taste the sweetness I imagine

I want to…feel you

In a way never spoken and yet not in reality

But with my mind

A way that seems so strange

Almost crazy

To be a part of your senses,

Lost for words

So close…

I tend to get caught in a hypnotic trance,

deep within your eyes,

Thinking of mental stimulations

Bringing pleasure to your thoughts

Making love to you mind

Gently caressing your soul

With time massaging away all your fears

Driving you crazy

Reaching the ungraspable parts of you

Most will never envision,

The image of your uniqueness

Your eyes give way to a confessional narrative

An unrestrained emotion, I desire to capture.

To partake in the strength you exude.

Silently screaming your name,

wanting to touch, feel, taste inside your emotions,

All the way to the core of your existence.

The part of you that has been intimately and painstakingly culitvated

To touch you beyond the physical

Deeper than the emotional

On a level that’s somewhat spirtual

Yet a place that is quite simple.

No complications.

No expecations.

Just you, me and

Mental Stimualtions

-Jo Wordsmith


About concretecrissy

Self proclaimed francophile, lover of all things beautiful.

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