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Oh, you mean that? Breath?! That thing we need to nourish our body? I have to be honest, as my days go by from one task to the next the thing I take for granted the most is my breath. It can soothe me within a moments notice but it is the thing that goes the most unnoticed.

Thank you.

Breath Body As we continue into our week, our contemplation rests in the rebirth of our breath. If anyone has ever watched a baby sleep, you can watch the steady rise and fall of their entire being. The belly reaches up to the sky with the inhale and falls back with the exhale perfectly. As we grow, we develop habits which hinder the breath and don’t allow that full bodied breath to carry us through our day. Breath plays such an important role in more than j … Read More

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  1. I am a shallow breather. If I consciously try to breathe as deeply as one does in yoga class, it feels weird because I’m unused to it, but the energy I feel following are what keep asthma symptoms away as well. Amazing how we take it for granted and when we are having an asthma event, how precious breathing really is the gift that it is.


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