Pruning A Tree, We Realized . . . (via A Song of Life: Being DID)

Thank you.

Pruning A Tree, We Realized . . . It takes a long time to get a bush to fill and flower.  We learned to get a tree or bush to fill, you clip the growing tip.  From that tip come two frail shoots; clip again and you’ll have four.  This yields a tree that is filled with life, and full of flowers. Our yard is a beautiful yard.  “God’s Green Acre” we always called it, though we were never of a religious mind.  It was just a phrase.  It was barren when we arrived; a field of dust and … Read More

via A Song of Life: Being DID


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  1. Concretecissy: Will you take a look at the two links for us? And if they sing to you; or you think others will find meaning – would you spread them around for me? Thanks. Your friends over here on the Ship of Fools, sailing through Paradise. (((( hugs & love )))) – JW and Crew.


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