Why That Word

I have been agonizing over my change in priorities for quite some time.  Why agonizing, I don’t know.  Probably because I am just learning about faith and it is new to me…

Nevertheless, I went to bed last night and told God that I was going to check in with him in the morning, first, before I check in with any other humans.  You know the first word that popped into my head as I woke up this morning. STUPID. Can you believe it? Stupid? What kindof word is that? Why was it in my head? Certainly God wouldn’t use that word? I never use that word.  Why was it in my head?


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  1. Well, God certainly does not think you’re stupid. No way. And for whatever it’s worth, neither do I. (-:

  2. Yikes! Did you really mean “disheartening”? As in, “to cause someone to lose determination or confidence”? I sure hope not…(:

  3. Well, since you asked…

    When I get that kind of message, it’s usually coming from my ego/lower self. The ego hates it when we decide to bypass its (ahem) infinite wisdom and go directly to pure Source. Ego feels threatened and afraid that you’ve chosen “someone else” and that Ego is about to lose its (perceived) place of prominence. Ego says: “What? Are you stupid? You don’t need to listen to anybody but ME!”

    Sometimes we can gently let our ego know that we love them and need them for certain things, but not for our morning check-ins. Eventually they’ll crawl away, tail between their legs. (:

    Thanks for visiting me at Be Whole Now. Please visit again and again!

    PS: I grew up in the DC/MD/VA area, and would go through your neck of the woods on the way to the beach, right?


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