My Old Friend Doxycycline

Welp…I am 48 hours into my next 60 day run of doxycycline for that tick bite in May, 2008.  Third year in of Lymes…my head is pounding, my vision is yuck and my attitude is an even greater yuck.  It is amazing that the side effects of a bug bite can be so darn longstanding.  It has been a rough three years.  IV drugs at home, healthcare nurses coming to visit, all included.  What a very very humbling adventure. 

It’s gonna be a long sixty days.  BUT, thank goodness for this yuck medicine.  Due to my allergies to the IV medication (I will save that adventure for another day) doxycycline is the only antibiotic that is manageable.  Come June 6, 2011, I hope that I will be well for another run of months to enjoy the summer with my little chicken children 🙂


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