Happy Tuesdays

Life is just a truckin’ along these days.  Yesterday was beautiful and the spring flowers are fragrancing the air around town.  Thank goodness. The grass is turning green and the mud is retreating.  I love the change of seasons.  Well, not so much in reference to my life…Change is difficult and sometimes I do not welcome the change that comes with life.  I would prefer to stay the same, however uncomfortable, but I have learned that what we don’t know if far greater than what we do know and quite honestly, I am ready to venture out into the unknown, to experience that vast possibilities.  I am ready to embrace uncertainty -however difficult the challenge may be and to accept the changes that take place. 

I have a task that I have been procrastinating because, well, it is going to be uncomfortable.  While all those that stand around me are waiting for me to take the leap of faith, I have been unable to actually execute my well thought out plan.  I am unable to do “it” because well it will be an end.  The finality of a path that suited me years ago, but doesn’t really do me justice these days.  Although I have been thinking about this “task” not stop, I have been unable to utter the words that will leave me no alternative but to forge forward into my destiny.  Why is that? What about me makes me so self limiting?  Uncertainty? Inability to surrender? Or is it lack of trust in family, god or fate?


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