Dick Blick

Who knew that a new sketchbook could bring about such joy in me!  I placed an art supply order last week for a few things I needed for my summer.  A new sketchbook, some new graphite, vine, a “smudger thingy”, charcoals.  I have been so preoccupied lately that I bearly remembered placing the order let alone reveled in the shipping of the package.  BUT, yesterday while I was home on my lunch hour FedEx arrived.  It wasn’t Dwight my favorite Jamaican FedEx guy, but nevertheless, my package had arrived.  I placed them safely on my bed and went back to work, – again preoccupied.

After dinner later last night it grew very very quiet in my house. Sophia was practicing piano at a neighbors house, but where was Tyson?! (Panic quickly set in because, well when it’s quiet, that is not good!) I check the bathroom for the toilet is my biggest germy fear – babies in toilets = not good.  BUT, I found little chicken on my bed with a pair of SCISSORS(!!!!) on my bed attempting to open my boxes of art supplies.  After the cuteness wore off and the scissors in his had freaked me out like only a mother could be “freaked out”, Tyson and I both quickly went on our way plundering the house for our next exciting moment.

After Ms. Sunshine and Chicken Boy were both tucked in, I opened my packages. What a wonderful site.  Memories of a time when I was inspired flooded into my being. Mr. Patience laughed at the ginormous size of my new sketchbook and reminded me that the one that I had misplaced was in the basement and was much smaller and portable.  Again, I set my items aside and began to reveled in the hugs, scent and perfection of Mr. Patience and enjoyed our quiet time together. 

When it was his time to go to bed, I drummed my fingers pensively as I wondered what I would get into next.  By this time my new items were on the kitchen counter…calling me.

Oh….how wonderful it was to unwrap my pencils and charcoal. Oh how wonderful to sit at a ginormous blank page with a piece of willow in my hands.  Man how I love the dirty fingers of willow and charcoals.  It has been so long…Paris, as I last remember it…at the Louvre.

The happiness that just flowed out of me at that kitchen counter when the charcoal began to flow onto paper.  Oh, how I have missed this.  How could I have let this fall aside as life showed up…

Today, I am breathing a little deeper, smiling a little bigger and sooo much more serene!


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Self proclaimed francophile, lover of all things beautiful.

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