The Chick vs The Egg(s)

I have been wanting chickens so that we can have fresh eggs since we have moved into our little cottage in the middle of town. albeit impractical. I called the Town Office and they indicated that having a few chickens would be fine, however, it could not be at “at large” chicken (chuckle).  So, with a giggle I asked for clarification as to…what exactly that meant.  He indicated that they could not roam around the neighborhood.  Got It.  Check and double check….

So, with my recent decision for a significant change of lifestyle, the practicality of making my own eggs pushed me over the edge hump and yesterday I took the plunge with a little help of Craigslist and a really great chicken lady called Katie.  I must admit on the drive over I was thinking to myself, “This is it Crissy! You have officially lost your mind.  Holy Cow, I am really far gone…Checking in with Mr. Patience sitting next to me on the trip over to Southern States and to get the “egglets”, he chuckled and his beautiful teeth glistened in the sun…so at least he was still smiling and I know he likes baby things…LOL.

Katie was great and very very supportive and had an awesome spread.  Tyson tried to give the baby goats his nose after I jokingly told him the goats were gonna get his nose, he politely just decided to give it to them.  They were appreciative and showed such by intermittent nibbles. 

Pictures will soon follow.

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