Let go (via In Your Bones)

Wow, I have been holding on to my rock for a while and yesterday, I let go. It is a little scary just sorta “floating” out there, but it is also very inspiring. I no longer feel limited. Like anything is possible.

Let go Do you want to set yourself free?  It’s simple really.  All you have to do is let go. Imagine this: You’ve been caught in a great flood.  You’re hanging onto a rock in the middle of torrential waters when a helicopter spots you.  It swoops down towards you and someone throws down a ladder.  A paramedic climbs down a couple of rungs and shouts: “Grab onto the ladder!” over the noise of the water and the helicopter, “we’ll take you to dry ground!” … Read More

via In Your Bones

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  1. Anel Hamersma

    Thanks so much for the repost! Glad to hear that you’ve let go. Enjoy your float and your freedom, I salute your bravery. x


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