Sitting at my desk, avoiding the work tasks at hand, there is sooo much running through my mind.  The past few weeks have been contemplative, full of self discovery, negotiations and closure.  Wheeeww.  With the dust settling and a new chapter quickly approaching I am very glad it is Friday.  I can’t wait to go home and hug and kiss my children…and of course…turn my chicken eggs.  I had the most restful sleep last night after actually taking a shower without Tyson either in there with me or throwing in plush animals to lend a helping hand – AND I shaved my legs with a new razor blade. Good times, I say. Afterwhich, I retired to the bedroom and read about France and enjoyed the fragrance of honeysuckle wafting in the window by my bed, while the boys watched boy movies and Sophia slept peacefully.  This morning I woke up to Sophia already bundled up on the couch watching “The Wedding” and we had a few restful quiet moments before Tyson the fire breathing dragon woke up and terrorized the house with his frustrations (he isn’t always like this. For the mostpart he is especially snuggly).  When I went in to get Tyson out of bed this morning he slammed the door in my face!…It’s funny now.  This morning, not so much. 

Since I have handed in my resignation earlier this week, it has been hard to concentrate at work for many reasons.  Mostly because there is so much promise and possibilities for me and my family this summer. (I am trying to quiet the part of my brain that wants to be concerned with my motivation waivering, the change of financial status, etc.). I am a little nervous because this self employment thing is outside my safety zone and waaay out of the box for me.  I am not sure what shape or form my future will come, but I am confident that I will enjoy it and my children. 

I bought a baguette today and am looking forward to a good dinner with my family tonight and to curling up with baby Tyson and big girl Sophia for a good book(s).  That is the best time of the night…minus Mr. Patience.  He isn’t into book reading…yet.


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Self proclaimed francophile, lover of all things beautiful.

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