Let go (via In Your Bones)

Wow, I have been holding on to my rock for a while and yesterday, I let go. It is a little scary just sorta “floating” out there, but it is also very inspiring. I no longer feel limited. Like anything is possible.

Let go Do you want to set yourself free?  It’s simple really.  All you have to do is let go. Imagine this: You’ve been caught in a great flood.  You’re hanging onto a rock in the middle of torrential waters when a helicopter spots you.  It swoops down towards you and someone throws down a ladder.  A paramedic climbs down a couple of rungs and shouts: “Grab onto the ladder!” over the noise of the water and the helicopter, “we’ll take you to dry ground!” … Read More

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For Jeanette


Just look up…and smile.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

Resignation and Surrender

Today, Wednesday April 27, 2011, I finally closed the book on this chapter of my life.  I am scared, excited and officially moving on to a ginourmous new life. 

Entering a garden gate, you never really know what you are going to see “in there”.  You know what you think you see, but upon closer inspection it is full of surprises, gifts, blessings and trials.  I personally am most comfortable in the structured comfort of those things I can see and can predict – however miserable the circumstances may be, they are still predictable.  On the other hand, I have learned that there are no constants and that there is always something lingering just beyond your sight.  -this was not a welcomed discovery for me, by the way. 

So, at this time, I have (with great contemplation and middle of the night talks with Mr. Patience), decided to venture off into a new direction with optimism and a smile.

Holistic Life Coaching; who am I? (via Pam Day: Holistic Life Coaching and Creative Development)

I couldn’t resist reposting this blog entry because it seems as though this is right where I am.

Holistic Life Coaching; who am I? To become who we really are, we let go of all that we are not. Our daily conditioning is strong and all pervasive; childhood conditioning by parents and peers, conditioning through our ‘education’, workplace conditioning and the conditioning which moulds us to fit in to community and society. All of these can work to break down our unique individuality, who we really are. So every day look for where your conditioned re-actions and responses (of f … Read More

via Pam Day: Holistic Life Coaching and Creative Development

The Nest


The Chickletts…


Ok, so these are the little chickletts that we brought home yesterday, to get a better understanding of why I am posting pics of eggs, please read my other blog from this morning.

“Here, Take My Nose…No Really…Take It”